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Helping Families Grow Through Adoption

Adopting a child is a celebratory event for immediate and extended family members alike. Navigating the adoption process, however, requires patience and persistence. Enlisting the help of an experienced adoption attorney allows adopting parents to complete the process more efficiently in order to focus on the rewarding endeavor of parenting.

At Jessica Newhart Attorney at Law, I bring extensive experience in a wide range of adoption matters to clients throughout Sullivan and Washington counties. My firm represents clients in all types of private and agency adoptions, including:

  • Newborn adoptions
  • Stepparent adoptions
  • Foster parent adoptions
  • Interstate adoptions
  • International adoptions
  • Adult adoptions

I also assist with the termination of parental rights of a biological parent, which is necessary for a stepparent adoption to be completed.

What You Want From Your Adoption Attorney

While it’s true that, as your adoption attorney, I will draft and review the necessary legal documents to help you complete your adoption, my services go well beyond processing paperwork. I will handle communication with adoption agencies or with a biological family. My experience in this area helps me spot potential problems and take measures to prevent them from occurring. If issues do arise, I work to reach effective resolutions to keep your adoption on course.

I can monitor costs for agencies, home studies, parental clearance, court costs and various service fees to make sure you are not overcharged. Adoption is an expensive process, but there is no need to pay more than is absolutely necessary.

I can also help resolve any legal issues that arise once your adoption is completed, keeping you abreast of your rights.

Learn More About How I Can Help

I welcome the opportunity to answer your questions regarding adoption and assist you with welcoming a new member into your family. Call 423-408-2574 or reach me online to schedule a consultation.